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Acrylic primer BIODUR 500ml


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Acrylic primer BIODUR 500ml

Dependable corrosion protection, ideal base for automotive paint coating. Forms a strong, quick-drying protective layer, ready for sanding 30 min after application. Provides splendid corrosion protection. It has excellent filling capacity: the resulting layer of primer fills the scratches and dents that formed during the processing of the previous layers.
A high percentage of dry residue of auto primer can significantly reduce the consumption of auto enamel. The primed surface is resistant to mechanical impacts and weathering. Highly durable.
Used for painting preparation or restoration of paint coat of cars, motorcycles, motor scooters, bicycles, snowmobiles, agricultural machinery, small boats, water scooters and speed boats. For exterior and interior use.
Spreading capacity (depending on coat thickness) 2,5-3,0 м2
Drying time 10–15 min at 25°C
Country of origin: Poland

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