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Acrylic universal enamel Biodur 400ml


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Range of colors:
RAL 1001Beige
RAL 1023 Traffic yellow
RAL 1024 Ochre Yellow
RAL 3000 Flame red
RAL 3020 Traffic red
RAL 5002 Ultramarine blue
RAL 5015 Sky blue
RAL 6005 Moss green
RAL 6029 Mint green
RAL 6029 Mint green
RAL 8017 Chocolate brown
RAL 9005 Black
RAL 9005 Black matt
RAL 9006 White aluminium
RAL 9010 Pure white
RAL 9010 Pure white matt
Please specify the color shade when ordering.

Universal fast-drying acrylic enamel. Forms a durable glossy coating resistant to mechanical impacts and weathering. Has a stable shade, does not fade in the sun and does not lose gloss. Has a high UV resistance and durability. Resistant to temperature changes. Colors correspond with European classificator RAL.

Spreading capacity (depending on coat thickness): 1,5-2,0 м2
Drying time: 10-15 min at +25°C

Country of origin: Poland

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