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Acrylic paint KolerPark Special effects metallic


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Color tone:
Nr.09 Gold metallic
Nr.135 Gold leaf
Nr.136 Antique gold
Nr.10 Silver metallic
Nr.139 Dark silver
Nr.41 Cream pearl
Nr.42 Pink pearl
Nr.31 Pink metallic
Nr.43 Blue pearl
Nr. 33 Blue metallic
Nr.51 Lapis Lazuli
Nr. 46 Red coral
Nr. 45 Bohemian ruby
Nr.44 Amethyst
Nr.48 Chrysolite
Nr.49 Malachite
Nr.32 Emerald

When ordering color, please specify color tone number.

Acrylic paint “KolerPark” for decorating and painting any surfaces, restoration of interior items, giving effects of patina. Does not create creases on flexible surfaces. Environmentally safe, has a neutral smell. Waterproof and lightfast. Keep the paint tightly closed in the original container at t from +5 to + 40 ° С. Cold resistant. See production date on the package. Ingredients: Water, acrylic dispersion, pigments, additives. Produced on European equipment. Manufacturer: Novyi dom Ltd.

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