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Pigmentnet pastes POLYMER P for polyefir, fiberglass and gelcoats


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Color tones:

Yellow NP RAL1018
Yellow oxide RAL1017
Gold plated RAL1028
Orange NP RAL2004
Red NM RAL3020
Purple RAL4010
Bordeaux RAL4006
Red oxide RAL8012
Green RAL6026
Blue G RAL5017
Violet RAL5022
White RAL9003
Black RAL9005

Pigmentnet pastes POLYMER P for polyefir, fiberglass and gelcoats.

Manufacturers are sent prices on request.

POLYMER P pigment pastes have a wide range of colors and are ideal for tinting the following polymeric materials: polyefir, fiberglass and gelcoats.

POLYMER P does not have a pungent odor, which contributes to improving the culture of production, and high-quality raw materials provide an excellent introduction to basic materials.

The percentage of input paste is not more than 15%

Catalog tinting

Catalog RAL K7 Classic;
According to customer samples.

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