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Paint-colorant «Palizh», metallic - gold, silver, pink, blue, purple
Paint-colorant «Palizh» to use:
- Water dispersion, acrylic, latex and PVA paint tinting,  can be added without restriction, can get rich, dark colors;
  - Separately, as a decorative paint for various porous surfaces (concrete, asbestos cement, plaster, wood, plasterboard, chipboard, plywood, etc ..) painting;
  - decorative design works.
-Can Be used as a decorative paint and the tinting systems;
-70% Colors -  sunlight resistant and used for the facade works.
Ecologically clean product. Manufacturer. OOO "Новый дом" www.palizh.ru, 426027, Russia, Izhevsk, Distributor. RKF SIA "seven", www.krasa.lv, Riga, Kr. Valdemāra 145/2.