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Fluid Art - What Is It?

Fluid Art is a liquid acrylic painting technique as liquid art. This type of abstract painting is based on drawing with acrylic paint, which gives the fluid a fluid texture. Liquid acrylic of various colors is applied alternately or simultaneously to a canvas where the colors mix and form an abstract pattern. Different unique effects are created each time, depending on the choice of colors and additives.



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Fluid Art is one of the most popular forms of contemporary art. Originally from the United States, this relatively new art form finds new followers every day around the world.

Here are the reasons:
Great for beginners. You don't have to have drawing skills and experience with colors to work with Fluid Art. Anyone can practice this hobby for their own enjoyment and get results in the form of beautiful paintings.
Does not require a large number of tools and materials.
Not time consuming. Half an hour is sufficient to draw a picture with liquid acrylic.
There is no limit to creativity and imagination. Acrylic filling is, first and foremost, a very creative and entertaining process. It is incredibly exciting to mix different acrylic colors and see how a real work of art is created with your own hands. The variety of techniques provides a tremendous field of creativity - with Fluid Art you will certainly not be bored.
Art therapy. Fluid Art is a perfect example of painting as well as meditation. Pouring colors, blending, layering, a steady flow of color naturally promotes meditation. Art and meditation do the same thing: they calm the mind and body in a healthy, positive way.



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Acrylic casting technique

There are many different techniques of fluid art, but first we recommend three basic techniques - Puddle Pour, Dirty Pour and Flip Cup.